The perfect alternative to your home office carpet

The perfect alternative to your home office carpet

Working from home is the new norm. Spending our days in a world full of zoom calls, it is no surprise that our professional spaces have become just as important when considering interior design options for the home. Whether it’s the spare room, a summer house or a corner of the bedroom, it’s essential to take pride in your work environment. Seeking out furnishings and accessories which are stylish, inspiring and, essentially, practical when creating a home workspace is a great way to add a touch of brightness to a long day and remind yourself that your work and time is valuable.

Starting at ground level, here's why a Practical Rug is the perfect low maintenance, affordable alternative to home office carpet.

Less spend, more style!

Are you deciding on the best flooring for your home office? Sometimes less is more. Rather than invest in an entirely new office carpet, adding an office rug to your existing flooring can create personality and add a pop of colour to any space. Water and stain-resistant, our office rugs are built to withstand whatever you throw at them, and, unlike office carpet, if they need a deep clean, they can be taken outside and dealt with appropriately.


Atacama Rug


Variety is the spice…

As the seasons change, or maybe just your mood, adapting your space is an excellent way of keeping those creative juices and motivation flowing. Perhaps our Wall Street Rug is better suited to darker December days and our Sea Slate desk rug, with holidays on the horizon for the summer. Enjoy a spectrum of colours that your home office carpet cannot offer. You can even pick and choose binding colours for the perfect rug/binding combination.

Protection perfection

Your home office floor needs love like the rest of the flooring in your home. It needs more! The constant moving of your office chair wheels can easily damage carpets and wooden flooring. Lunch at the desk? Be prepared for stains and spills! An Office Rug can help avoid this. All of our office rugs are durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean, while our contract-rated Unnatural Flooring rugs are castor chair wheel tested up to 25,000 revolutions. The result? A desk rug that looks good and offers excellent protection.


Wall Street Rug from the New York range


Never-ending choice

Offering a wide variety of textures, colours, sizes, and binding combinations mean an almost completely personalised product. For a soft office carpet effect, try one of our Flatweave Rugs that offer the look and texture of wool. Replicate natural sisal and seagrass office floors with our Polypropylene and Faux Sisal collections. Add some luxury with our super soft Crushed Velvet rugs, or go for the more practical yet stylish Woven Vinyl option for the ultimate hard-wearing office floor.

Each rug comes in a choice of up to six sizes to perfectly fit standard-sized home office floors. However, if you cannot find a combination to suit your workspace after browsing, get in touch, and we will be happy to discuss a bespoke option.

Like any interior design decision, take the time to choose home office flooring that’s both practical, stylish and long-lasting.

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