Collection: Easy Clean Rugs

Discover our brilliant collection of easy to clean rugs in a range of designs and colours. Perfect for dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, these stain-resistant, washable rugs are incredibly easy to keep clean.

Offering the same look and texture as natural wool, sisal or seagrass, our easy clean rugs are made from hard-wearing, low-maintenance synthetics meaning mud, food stains and even red wine spills clean right out. Place one under the dining table to protect carpets and add a layer of comfort underfoot, or use an easy clean runner rug in a busy hallway or kitchen; these highly practical rugs can even be used outdoors and are great for homes with pets. 

Mix and match easy clean fabrics with our choice of bindings, they choose the right size for your space. We can even provide made to measure easy clean rugs if you can't find the right size on our website.